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Jan 23, 2010 7:00pm EST
-span's "america and the courts." n/a 524 decision, the supreme court struck down limits on contributing to political campaigns from corporations. anthony kennedy delivered the opinion. in it, he broke the government may not suppress political speech. a sufficient interest justifies political speech by nonprofit or for-profit opinions. shortly after the court announced its decision, floyd abrams, the attorney who argued on behalf of mitch mcconnell and citizens united president david bossie sport with reporters. >> i represented mitch mcconnell in the case and was one of the lawyers who argued it in the supreme court. this is an extraordinarily triumphant day. the court has ruled that corporations, unions, and all the rest of us may participate freely and openly and spend money on the electoral and political matters. this decision is a long time coming, and as the opinion of justice kennedy makes clear, it involves the reversal of two prior opinions, one involving senator mcconnell, one two years before. the core of it all is that the right to participate in, participate about and be hea
Jan 2, 2010 7:00pm EST
available or digital audio download or so. -- are sold. . . estes is c-span's "america and the courts." next, presentations from the week of the supreme court's special. first, william suter and his job, and how the supreme court decides to take cases. >> what are redoing today? >> we have a session in court this morning, announcing the orders from last week's conference, and we have the announcement of two opinions. and removing the admission of the attorneys to different groups. largely, today was a ceremonial day. this is the morning coat. it is a very traditional outfit. here in court, it is worn by the marshall of the court and myself and also the solicitor general of the united states and his staff where it while they argue cases here. some of the women in the staff do not with a code. -- where the coach. one of the women here is a deputy, and she wears it herself. we traditionally wear it when the court is in public, wearing robes. so when we are upstairs, and at the inauguration of the president. so it is very traditional. years and years and years ago, all atto
Jan 30, 2010 7:00pm EST
like no other. ♪ >> this is c-span's "america and the court's." next, oral arguments from fox news vs. the board of governors and bloomberg vs. the board of governors from the second circuit court of appeals in new york city. the court will decide whether or not to block a lower-court ruling that will force the federal reserve to reveal the identities of financial restitution is that may have collapsed without assistance from the government's to our program. -- tarp program. [inaudible] >> i will call the day calendar and asking everybody is here. in the two cases to be heard in tandem, good afternoon. the board of governors will split the argument between two lawyers. what will be the principle of division? >> [inaudible] >> you ought to make that clear, because it does not lend itself to any division. i see everyone else is here. ok. united states vs. rojas, counsel present? good afternoon. united states vs. acosta andmillow? everybody is here. chobaz vs. holder. singleton vs. holder? last cas is melience vs. immigration court of appeals. at this time, we will hear bloomberg vs. boa
Jan 9, 2010 7:00pm EST
in america and was dwopted at the first women's rights convention in seneca falls, new york. one of the brave women who participated wrote about her experience in her mem waters. she was 19 years old. she was a glove maker. and her life was pretty miserable. she worked long hours, with no hope of keeping her meager wages. she could not own property. she could not vote. she could not get a divorce. if she found herself in a bat marriage. so she decided to go to this women's rights convention in hopes of securing a better life. and she wrote that she was terrified that nobody else would be going. but as the sun came up, at first, the road was empty. but then at a cross road, she saw women and men in carriages, wagons, and on foot. gradually they formed a long procession to equality. thanks to people like justice ginsburg, thanks to so many others ordinary and not so ordinary people who are leading change around the world and creating progress for themselves and all of us, we are still on that road, however. women from every continent continue on that road together. i thank all of you for walkin
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4